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Cake Decorating 101

Timelines, design plans, and color palettes, are our specialty at ATOS. We have a knack for thinking through the tiniest of details, but there are some details that you just would NOT want us in charge of during an event. One of those being "cake decorating." You can't be talented at everything, right?

When Bakery 1818 shared their Cake Decorating 101 class online, we jumped at the opportunity and signed right up. During the class we laughed, almost cried a few times, ate a little too much icing, and had a great team bonding experience.

Here are a few other things that we learned:

1) Krystle from Bake me Happy has the BEST buttercream icing. We couldn’t help but sample while decorating.

2) A turn table is your best friend when icing a cake.

3) For the Type A people like ourselves-Don’t stress! Trust the process. Cake decorating should be fun.

4) ALWAYS save the scraps.

5) No two icing flowers look the same and that’s okay!

This class pushed us outside of our comfort zone, but we had an absolute blast. If learning how to decorate a cake sounds like a good time, check out Bake Me Happy Cakes on Facebook to see when Krystle is offering the next class at Bakery 1818 in Madison, NC. We highly recommend the experience.

All photos taken by our favorite Becca Kate Photography who won our giveaway to take the class with us.

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