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The Romantic Boho Wedding

Amber + Tucker's wedding day was nothing short of amazing. It was one where you looked around and felt warm inside because of all of the unique and personal touches. Amber had a vision that was carried out from start to finish and no detail was added without purpose.

"I didn't want typical "barn" reception decor - I am a big believer that your venue does not have to determine your wedding aesthetic. Of course, there are limitations on what you can do, but I don't think a barn wedding has to equal rustic. When I first started planning our decor, I felt discouraged and uninspired because I wasn't drawn to the typical Pinterest wedding decor I was seeing. I thought if we went outside of the mold, our decor wouldn't work. Fortunately, I decided to go for it and started looking at weddings that were typically in a more desert setting and pulling in the elements that I liked and I knew we could work with. I would find things that I liked and send them to our amazing florist and say "OK, I hate the vase but I love this one flower" and she would add it to the inspiration board for florals. Once I found what I liked, it was easier to figure out how to make everything come together. I started calling our aesthetic romantic boho; I liked the romantic touch of a tulle sweetheart table but I wanted neutral and muted colors with dried flowers throughout. I wanted a sparkly cake table but I didn't want to do the sequin tablecloth because I thought it was overdone and too over the top so I spent hours (way too much time) on finding a sequin table cloth that I could use. It paid off because I found one that I absolutely loved that gave us a romantic feel but didn't take away from the rest of our decor. I loved the idea of doing a seating chart and saw someone use butterflies for seating cards - we put our own touch on it by using butterflies that were actually seed packets that guests could take home and plant. My mom used a vintage frame and added moss. We wanted a personal touch that was uniform so I commissioned a portrait of our pets and used it throughout (it was on our koozies, cocktail napkins, and of course, dog treats). I also did not want any empty spaces - I wanted guests to have something to look at no matter where they looked. I also wanted them to feel like they were in a magical, romantic wedding themselves because I think when guests feel like they are part of your love story that love shows up the rest of the night. I also used the beautiful backdrop of L'Abri to my advantage, I had a romantic backdrop with twinkly lights and the beautiful trees and pond, I just needed to set up our decor around it. My dad built both of our arbors and when I brought up the idea of having two (one to stand under and one for guests to walk under) my parents were apprehensive, especially since I wanted one to be circular and one to be square - but once we had both of them in place, it looked so great and framed our ceremony perfectly. The one thing I was nervous about was all the "extra" we had (cigar roller, live painter, photo bus) but I wanted our guests to have fun and I am so glad we decided to have those extra touches." Amber Reu

Vendor Team:

Coordination: A Touch of Southern Events

Photographer: Photographs by Stephanie

Videographer: Sugar Shack Films

Venue: L'Abri at Linwood

Caterer: Q Shack

Bartender: Brewmasters

Florist: Dahlia's Floral Design

Bakery: Edible Artistry

DJ: 815 Entertainment

Hair & Makeup: Dana Raia Bridal

Transportation: Grape Escape Shuttle

Photo Booth: The Little Blue Photo Bus

Painter: Easel Cathedral

Cigar Roller: Amendola Family Cigars

Bridal Gown: The Magnolia Bride

Personalized Jacket: KRorerDecor

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