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The First Look: Brennan + William

Brennan & William's wedding day was a wedding planner's dream. From set up in the morning to the Mr. & Mrs. exit at the end of the night, things just seemed to run like clock work. The entire day was full of pure joy, happiness, and true love.


A memory from this day that we will never forget is "The First Look." At 3:15 that afternoon, we picked up William from the groom's cabin, and drove him to the location where he would be the first to see his beautiful bride. Before letting him get out of the car, we of course interrogated him: "Are you ready to see Brennan? How are you feeling? Are you nervous? Wait... are you sure you aren't nervous? Are you going to cry when you see her?" Let's just say that William was such a great sport throughout our questioning.

As he stood in the field holding his bride's bouquet, the anticipation was unreal. Brennan walked towards William slowly, tapped him on the shoulder, and when he turned around you could truly just feel the love and excitement.

Before this day, I hadn't always been a fan of first looks. I thought it was a special tradition for the groom to wait to see his bride when she finally walked down the aisle, but things changed for me that day. After witnessing the time shared between this bride and groom, I am a firm believer that a first look is a MUST.

Brennan & William were able to spend unforgettable moments together prior to all of the craziest that every wedding day brings, and they had time to take absolutely perfect photos with just the two of them that they may not have been able to do later in the day. Lesson learned: DO A FIRST LOOK! It is truly special.

The rest of the wedding day was a blast. All of the nerves were gone, and this couple was able to enjoy every moment of one of the most memorable experiences of their lives.

All of the beautiful photos were taken by the amazing Amanda Castle.

To see more, check out Brennan & William's amazing wedding video that was created by their friend James Martin.

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