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Rebranding: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Rebranding. It comes with many feelings. Good, exciting feelings like “ My business is going to get a fresh new look!” Bad, scary feelings like “Where in the world do I begin with this transition?” And scary, ugly, TERRIFYING feelings like “Holy crap, why did I not realize how many things have my logo on it that I use every day for my business that now needs replacing!” We get it! All of these thoughts are TOTALLY normal. We want to explain why a rebrand can be a good move for your business, even with all the emotions that come with it.

As your business ages and grows, it matures. You become better at the product you are selling or the service you are providing and it's natural! With that change comes a time where you can feel stagnant and like your brand no longer represents who you and your business are now that you have grown so much. This is when a rebrand is a good idea to begin exploring.

When beginning your process of rebranding be sure to think to yourself, "what do I want my brand to portray now, how have I grown as a creative, and what image will represent this best?" We highly recommend you find and hire a marketing consultant who can help you with this process. They are trained to have an eye for this and they know what will help maximize your growth for your business. Once you start on the rebranding journey, your consultant will draw up many mock looks for you to decide on. Once you find the one that speaks to you, go for it, listen to your gut, it's usually right!

Once you nail down that logo it’s time to implement the overall look into your marketing. Here is where it can become a little ugly, or terrifying. You will learn quickly that your logo is on a million different things that you send to clients or potential clients and now this needs to change. Again, we suggest hiring someone in this field to help you. They will be able to help find you a cohesive flow so each of your marketing materials all work together nicely. Starting with your website and/or social media is usually the way to go, followed by working on your physical marketing materials.

Consider this your warning again, a rebrand is NOT an easy one. There are most definitely some highs and lows to it. During the process however, try to remind yourself that you are at this point because of the tremendous growth both you and your sweet business has made! Be sure to pat yourself on the back along the way for being at the point in your entrepreneurship to be able to even consider a rebrand. In the end, we promise it is worth the blood, sweat and few tears! Good luck and congratulations on your new rebrand!

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